Design Consultation

After you complete our design survey, we will be in touch to schedule a quick "getting to know you" call where we briefly discuss your project and determine if we are a good fit for your needs. Our principal designer will then come to your home/project site for a 2 hour consultation (fees apply) to walk through your space. review your design needs, and our process.


Project Kick-Off

Our design team and applicable trades will visit the project site to take photos, measurements, and thorough notes so we can develop a successful design solution for your specific needs.  


Purchasing and Tracking

Once the design is finalized, we present you with a proposal of everything that was approved. After payment is collected, we purchase your items and manage tracking and receiving. 


Progress Site Visits

If your project involves construction or working with any trades, we perform site visits to check on the progress of your project. 


Resolve Deficiencies 

With projects consisting of many moving pieces, things can, and do, go wrong! Not to worry, we work with you to resolve any deficiencies!


Let's Make it Official

During this phase, we will determine your project scope, review our design fees, and send our contract for your approval. Once we receive a signed contract and retainer deposit, your project is officially launched!


Design Development and Presentation

This is when the fun begins (although we like to think every part of the project is fun)! We develop drawings (floorplans, elevations, sections, and renderings) and source for your entire project. We then meet with you to present our design solutions, receive feedback, revise and finalize your design plan!


Trade Consulting and Management

We have cultivated an experienced trade network that make all of our clients happy 100% of the time! We are happy to manage, consult with, or provide recommendations for any of our trusted trades. 


Installation and Reveal

The big day! Our team installs all of your furnishings, artworks, and accessorizes your space.  We then walk through your beautiful, new space with you and point out any special details!


Project Wrap Up

We send you a final invoice and return any remaining retainer (if applicable). We ask you to provide feedback on your experience working with us!