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Tips for Decorating with Pillows

Looking to give your home a little refresh? Well, look no further than the humble throw pillow. Decorative pillows are not only stylish, they add comfort and softness to any room. We love a good throw pillow here at Studio 39 and have put together a few tips and tricks for you to use in your own home!

1. Go big or go home: When it comes to decorative pillows, bigger is almost always better. We like to use 22-26 inch pillows. Not only are they more comfortable and inviting, they look more balanced against large pieces of furniture.

2. Incorporate new textures: Adding different textures to a room creates visual interest, depth and balance. Throw pillows are a great way to incorporate new textures in your home. So don’t be afraid to mix and match! Try pairing a fluffy sheepskin pillow with a linen one, or a silk pillow with a textured velvet.

3. Have fun with color: Pillows are a great way to add an accent of color to any space. Look around your home and notice which colors are prominently featured and which colors pop up in smaller doses. Create cohesion throughout your entire home by bringing in some of those accent colors on decorative pillows. And don't be afraid to go bold! Contrasting colors can create a really beautiful and eye-catching effect.

4. They don't need to match: Custom spaces usually have one thing in common: everything coordinates but nothing matches. To create a custom look in your home, avoid matching pillow sets. Instead, experiment with layering mismatched pillows (of different sizes, colors, patterns, fabrics, etc.). If I'm adding pillows to a sofa or bed, I like to mirror my pillow arrangement on either end.

5. Switch it up with the seasons: One of the great things about pillows is that they are easy to change out. Once you invest in an insert, it's only a matter of changing out the pillow case! So if you’re looking to refresh your space or add a festive touch for the holidays or seasons, simply switch out your pillows.

6. Mix patterns: Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns when it comes to pillows. In fact, mixing different patterns can add a lot of visual interest to a space. If you’re not sure where to start, try pairing two patterns of either the same or very different scale and sticking to a color scheme.

7. Experiment with fun shapes: Add even more personality to your space with uniquely shaped pillows. Think round, triangle and knot pillows, or even a letter-shaped pillow.

Happy designing!


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